How to select your airsoft’s accessories

The accessories often appear, but they are little discussed in airsoft sites so we asked the experts to recommend Rich we have briefly recounted some simple rules to follow in the selection of our accessories.

It often happens that many fans of airsoft spend more on “stuff” for their ASG ASG for the same, so it can be really helpful to know how to move in this direction.

The accessory aesthetic value is almost always more important than any practical advantage that it can give, although asking anyone among fans will deny these very last statement, illustrandoti perhaps in great detail technical analysis than the accessory question helpful.

In most cases, in addition to technical analysis, following a detailed account of how the accessory likewise allowed him to hit someone from a position otherwise impossible without the contraption.

That’s why we decided to make a small list of available accessories, and what they can make in terms of aesthetics and practical use:

  1. May-clips, to match the Chargers. An accessory very useful especially if it is necessary to change charger with a certain speed. Most of these accessories is also nice from an aesthetic point of view even if in Italy are in a few to use them.
  2. Silencer for tracers. The view is really eye-catching, like a muffler, and is applicable more or less to every ASG assuming that you have a nice “nest egg” to spend. In the night that object allows you to see precisely the trajectory of the shots, even if the burst is also visible to other contender. By day, however its usefulness is almost nothing.
  3. optical Sledge. If you are in possession of a view clearly has its uses, every ASG has an ad hoc model, but by far the best and most recommended, is to release to the HK series.
  4. Optics or rifle shooting. Usually they are useful more as binoculars to aim, do very cool, but among other accessories optical viewfinders are undoubtedly those that add more weight SAAM.
  5. Tactical Flashlights. In a nutshell a stack battery stuck to ASG. It has a certain visual impact but it is a real ballast for the weapon and serves only at night.
  6. Laser. Usually they require a specially designed slide and their use is limited during the day.

According to the evidence made in England of our colleagues Rich here, therefore, a friendly guide to purchase accessories to your ASG:

  1. It costs a lot, but it’s nice to see: Buy it.
  2. There is no use, but it’s nice to see: Buy it.
  3. It is not expected that you can mount on your ASG, but it’s nice to see: Buy it.

The last advice as determined by our British colleagues is the most silly and fun, but you can bet that fans will follow him anyway.

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