Improve your electrical ASG

Guide for beginners who want to improve your electrical ASG

The purchase of your first ASG sense of joy and satisfaction for its operation will pervade your body but eye to the imperfections. Excessive euphoria can make you forget all those little details and then your ASG clearly will not be at 100% of its potential.

After the first game, then you start to think about the improved performance of the weapon. Many pieces are totally detached from the ASG and other will be dangling, but do not get discouraged but starting to hunt for new measures to improve the set of the weapon.

According SAAM acquired, the first recommended precautions are simple but fundamental:

1) Buy at least one very capable charger

2) Find a better battery

With a minimum of organizational capacity it is also possible to construct for themselves a super-plus charger, but after that we must clearly thinking about replacing the battery torpedo 8.4V (The AK ed) with a larger and more powerful.

A standard battery usually does not pass in the seat and therefore it is necessary to attach externally and colleagues Rich have done this operation on both the SIG 550 model that the MP5 PDW, experiencing a few problems.

If your disposable income is low you can opt for a bag for batteries, with the latter to buy in your local retail store.

These additional batteries are available in many forms, most of the “L” type, but you should always buy those with the highest milliAmpere / Time.

The torpedo battery for example is only 600mAh but should stay on the right voltage and thus with a 9.6V, although colleagues Rich played long and trouble with a 8.4V 1900mAh.

Changing the amperage and voltage you will notice the changes in the volume of fire: in fact, the big and powerful batteries improve the minute number of dots of both ASG felt by colleagues Rich, also you can play a whole day without the hassle reloading.

We clarify that chargers and batteries do not improve the power and range of ASG, but make it more enjoyable and less frustrating play as they allow you to snipe at those poor unfortunates who always end up the ammunition at the crucial moment, or make fun of all those players who, with his face red with anger, must be held that their battery is “dead.”

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