Glock 17 Deluxe Version Co2

Il prezzo originale era: 270,00€.Il prezzo attuale è: 239,99€.

GLOCK 17 Deluxe
L’unica ed originale Glock da Softair

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Proverbial GLOCK perfection has come to CO₂-powered airsoft pistols. This replica of the GLOCK 17 Deluxe has quality written all over it. The highlight is its CNC-machined aluminum slide, which brings the total weight up to an impressive 674 g. Strip it like the original? No problem! And the adjustable shoot-up system ensures that 6-mm pellets have stable trajectories all the way to their target. The blowback produces a noticeable recoil effect – a delight for airsoft fans each time a projectile leaves the barrel with an energy of up to 1 joule. Another highlight is the gun case manufactured by GLOCK in Austria, an ideal means of transporting this deluxe airsoft gun.

Energy level (E₀) < 1,0 J Caliber 6 mm BB Power Source 1x 12 g CO₂ Magazine capacity 25 rounds Safety Automatic Trigger Safety Shoot-Up adjustable Length 204 mm Weight 674 g Recommended BBs 0,20 g Holster type A