ICS IMT-228-1 PAR Mk3 CQB Crane Stock BlowBack EBB TAN


Length: 838/743 mm
Weight: 3350 g
Barrel length: 263 mm
Battery type: 9.6V 1500mAh MC-148

COD: 060-808 Categorie: , ,


The Czech Republic, a mid-Euro country with culture and art influenced by the Renaissance during the Middle Ages. It has not only remarkable development on culture, but also was one of the eight world largest industrial countries between WWI and WWII. The strong industry foundation brings the Czech Republic a good reputation of “Small Germany”.

Length  838/743 (mm)
Barrel length (mm)  263
Muzzle velocity  120m/s (395fps)
Weight (g)  3350
Battery type  9.6V 1500mAh MC-148
Connector size  Small connector
Mag. capacity  300
Spring  M120
Material  Full metal
Motor axle  Long

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