Length: 700 mm
Barrel length: 186 mm
Weight: 3000 g
Gearbox Type: EBB Split gear box

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The ICS Gilboa Commando is based on the Proline CXP-CQB, it is fitted with the MTR stock. The CQB handguard makes for a ultra small profile platform perfectly suited for intense CQB environment. It has a flat top reciever to allow for optics such as RDS to be fitted with ease. Out of the box, the front and rear flip-up sights allow for immediate use, You simply pull forward on the locking latches and the battle sights flip up into position. The front sight can be adjusted for elevation, while the rear can be adjusted for windage. The Gilboa commando comes with a hi-cap P-mag style magazine, this comes with a translucent window so you can monitor your ammunition levels on the go.

Length: 700 mm
Barrel length: 186 mm
Weight: 3000g
Gearbox Type: EBB Split gear box
Engine: Turbo 3000
Tree Along Material: Metal Football MTR

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