Weight: 2880 g
Length: 835mm / 916mm (Extended)
Barrel Length: ~407mm
Hop-up: Adjustable

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VFC KAC SR15 E3 IWS TAN is the latest, most combat effective and the epitome of Eugene Stoner’s design magic as VFC’s second entrant into the M4 series.

Meticulously crafted, the SR15/16 E3 IWS stands out among VFC’s many M4 series rifles. VFC designers, striving to meet the exacting standards of Knight IWS design, have built in ambidextrous function at safety selector, magazine catch, and bolt catch…etc, perfect design for both left-hand and right-hand shooters allowing to easy and rapid operation.

The VFC SR15/16 E3 IWS also features a total of seven quick-release sling swivels on the along the middle size URX rail and lower receiver allowing for a number of slinging configurations to accommodate other tactical gear and personal carrying preferences. No matter the integrated front folding sight and sling swivel mount in the SR15 or the auto flip up type front sight in theSR16, every detail is no compromised.

Regarding the material, the VFC SR15/16 E3 IWS is made from high quality aluminum alloy and steel, and process with CNC machining and military standard finish. The resulting product has the exact look and feel of the real steel. The many metal components of the SR15/16 E3 IWS give it a solid but well balanced, easily maneuverable feel. The grip and carne type stock are made of military grade nylon with fiber. Perhaps the most notable feature of the SR15/16 E3 IWS is its unique grip, more slender than other electric rifles on the market.

Inside upgrade from 7mm to 8mm enhanced precision Gear-Box. It equips the professional steel bushing, high hardness steel gears, durable Polymer Carbon piston which material is also the same as the Glock pistol frame, and ball bearing spring guide. It is strictly tested by the 12 volt Car Battery and suit for the Li-Poly battery. The unique patented design of the “Bolt Lock System” allows for easy hop-up adjustment. While you enjoy the perfect design, you could also feel how great this AEG could performance.

Product Description.1/1 Scale High Performance Assembled Electric Powered Airsoft AEG
Knight Armament Company (KAC)

Mid-Length URX II Handguard with Integrated Flip Up Front Sight
Ambidextrous Magazine Release / Bolt Catch (Functional)
Ambidextrous Selector Lever
Rear Receiver Sling Swivel Mounts/Sockets (Swivel sold separately)
16inch Outer Barrel
Unique grip design, more slender than other electric rifles on the market
5 Position extendable SOPMOD LMT Type Crane Stock able to store 9.6V~12V Ni-MH / 11.1V Li-Po battery
KAC Type 600M Rear Sight

Built with VFC’s Gearbox Structure – 8mm enhanced precision gearbox with professional steel bushings, steel gears, Durable Polymer Carbon piston.

VFC’s unique Patent Design such as Bolt Catching System, realistic field stripping & Lightweight Finishing make this weapon just like a real steel

Additional Information.
Item Weight (g) 2880
Major Color TAN
Length 835mm / 916mm (Extended)
Barrel Length ~407mm
Hop-up Adjustable
Shooting Mode Semi/Fully Automatic
AEG Power Source Up to 9.6V Ni-MH
Battery Pack Type Crane Stock
Barrel Thread Type Counter-Clockwise
Barrel Thread Diameter 14mm
Magazine Capacity 300 Rounds
Bullet Type 6mm BB
Power (Muzzle Velocity) 330 FPS

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 3 kg

6 mm BB


2880 g



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